Music Therapy and Books! Singable Song Stories

The cow said neigh and the pig said oink? Yup, you read that correctly. The cat did say hello and the farmer said moo but have you ever seen a bear combing his hair or a whale with a polka dotted tail down by the bay? I sure have! I love using books or song books in music therapy sessions. Books such as “The Cow Said Neigh” by Rory Feek and “Down by the Bay” by Raffi can be used to work on so many more skills than just reading.

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The Difference in Music Therapy vs. Music Education

Although music therapy is an up-and-coming profession, some people still have trouble discerning the difference in music therapy and music education. I have been asked numerous times, “why should my child receive music therapy when they have a music class at school” or “my child already takes piano lessons so why would they need music therapy too?” Well, the difference is clear when we take away the word music. Therapy: Noun.

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