Becoming a Music Therapist, MT-BC

Music Therapists are certified to work with people of all ages with various disabilities. A Career in Music Therapy offers challenge, opportunity, and remarkable rewards but it is not an easy, breezy path to Board Certification. It takes years of education and training, clinical hours, an intensive internship, board exams, and a career of learning to become an MT. Some believe that it takes a “special person” to be a therapist and I believe that to be true.

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Top 10 Go-To Instruments for Music Therapy

From parents and clients to music therapy students and interns, I have been asked over and over again: “Which instruments do you use the most and recommend I should have in my collection or at home?” There’s a common misconception that a person must have some sort of musical background or training to receive music therapy services. I am here to tell you that is absolutely false. Whether someone grew up singing in church choirs or has had no musical experience whatsoever, music can still be a tool to help them reach their fullest potential.

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The Difference in Music Therapy vs. Music Education

Although music therapy is an up-and-coming profession, some people still have trouble discerning the difference in music therapy and music education. I have been asked numerous times, “why should my child receive music therapy when they have a music class at school” or “my child already takes piano lessons so why would they need music therapy too?” Well, the difference is clear when we take away the word music. Therapy: Noun.

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